SkillsConcepting | Filming | Editing
ApplicationsPremiere Pro | After Effects
Year of publication2017


In order to bring students and companies together, Business Core Eindhoven hosted the sixth edition of the well known Eindhovens Studenten Symposium. The symposium was held at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven on May 17th 2017.  

The day started with three readings about the subject Smart Cities, which were given by Elphi Nelissen, Guido Dierick and Carl Rohde. These readings were followed by workshops given by NXP, VDL, Rabobank, YER, Stryker, Capgemini, Accenture and High Potential Academy. The students attended these workshops with small groups. After two workshop rounds it was time for the students and companies to have a network drink. This gave the perfect opportunity to let them connect with each other. To end the day a recruitment dinner was organized, this dinner was exclusive for high potential students. 

In order to give a good impression of a long day I decided to start with the dinner that was held at the end of the day. I wanted to start the recap with a classic vibe with all the students and companies eating a fancy dinner. This is in contrast to the snappy and hip-hop like beat that follows with a quick succesion of shots. To enable a better transition I used a rewind to get from the dinner to the beginning of the day. 

Concept: Cas van Rijssel & Luuk Smeulders
Film: Jeroen Postma & Luuk Smeulders
Edit: Luuk Smeulders

For more information about Business Core Eindhoven and their ways to connect students with companies, please visit: Business Core Eindhoven.