SkillsConcepting | Filming | Editing
ApplicationsPremiere Pro | After Effects | Audition
Year of publication2018


In collaboration with Cas van Rijssel (Cavarai) a mini series, consisting of six videos, was produced for Fontys Centre for Entrepreneurship (Fontys CvO).

It’s often hard to combine study and business for a young entrepreneur. Therefore Fontys gives these students the possibility to pitch their business plans in front of a committee. This committee will decide if the student is eligible for the Student Entrepreneur Agreement provided by Fontys. When the young entrepreneur is eligible for the Student Entrepreneur Agreement he or she gets advantages to combine study and business such as managing their time between study and business.

The videos are produced to show other students the extra possibilities that come with the agreement. In all six videos the student is the center of attention, this is done by letting them tell their story while being filmed in front of a black backdrop. During their stories, additional footage is displayed to show the students being busy with their daily tasks.

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